Elementary Watson – A thrilling new murder mystery

Story summary

One day, the elderly, aristocrat widow Lady Blackwood dies in mysterious circumstances. Her funeral takes place so quickly that many of her friends and distant relatives are unable to attend. The police fail to make any progress in the case, so they call for the noted detective Sherlock Holmes and his loyal assistant, Doctor Watson.

Sherlock decides that this is an ideal opportunity for Watson to use his detective skills and puts him in charge of the case. Watson interrogates the members of Lady Blackwood’s household. First Sir Julian, Lady Blackwood’s nephew, who had frequently asked his aunt for money in order to finance his gambling addictions.
Then Watson interviews Lady Blackwood’s faithful butler, James, but is very suspicious. When Sherlock Holmes returns to the scene of the crime, Watson explains his theories of how Lady Blackwood was killed.

With brilliant logic and acute observation, Sherlock discovers further clues, including a mysterious curler. He decides to send Watson to a distant, exotic land to get more information about the curler. After meeting a series of strange and fascinating characters, Watson returns with some very important and surprising information.

What really happened to Lady Blackwood? Was she killed by her desperate nephew for her money? Or was the killer her faithful butler James? Before Sherlock Holmes reveals the truth, the audience will be invited to judge for themselves.

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curler: Haarwickel